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Ranking #40of all Java Edition servers.
#44ranked globally.
Status Online Checked 7 minutes ago.
Players 0 / 420
1.17.x  -  1.19.x
⭐ FREE RANKS ⭐ PINK PRISON ⭐ supports every Minecraft version, starting at version 1.17.x, up to version 1.19.x.
⭐ FREE RANKS ⭐ PINK PRISON ⭐ has been online 67.66% of the time during the past 14 days.
Votes 4 2,115 all time.
Country United States
Updated August 2, 2023
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Hello world, hello you!

Welcome to PinkPrison! We're pretty sure that your search for a nice Minecraft server has now come to an final end.

Our server offers you exactly the features you were probably looking for. With over 100 custom-made plugins, we offer sufficient and unique features that give the gamemode prison a whole new meaning. In addition to our incredibly cool, user-oriented rewards for working in the mines or participating in events, we offer expandable plots in the form of islands, which you can completely adapt to your own wishes. We didn't leave anything out in PVP either. From regular armor to custom enchanted armor, everything is included. Anyone who joins our community today will receive a free seasonal crate as a first-join gift. Many many more rewards are still waiting to be claimed on our server. Just like mini-games. Have we already told you about one of our top highlights? The parkour. A delicious way to pit your skills against other players. Just like in our coinflip, itemflip, crash, roulette or rps system, the winner gets the entire bet. We have a lot more features & we could talk about them for hours, but, how about you just pay us a visit?

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