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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an free online listing of public and private Minecraft servers, registered by server owners or administrators, as a way for potential players to find and join their Minecraft servers. Our server list provides listings for both Minecraft Java Edition and Bedrock Edition, featuring the best Minecraft servers from around the world.

How are the servers ranked?

As our server list features both Java and Bedrock Edition Minecraft servers, each server will have 2 different ranks: the global rank, and the rank which is based on the supported Minecraft edition of the server (Java or Bedrock).

  • The global rank is the position out of every server registered on our service, regardless of the game edition.

  • The Java/Bedrock rank is the position out of every server registered on our service with the exact same game edition.

Servers rankings are determined by several factors in the following order: if the server is online or not, the amount of votes received in the current month, date and time of the last vote cast for the server and lastly the server registration date.

Note that votes are reset every 1st of the month.

How do I vote for a server?

Voting for your favorite server is quite simple. First navigate to the server page and look for the 'Quick Vote' panel. This panel contains an input field. In this input field, you simply fill in your Minecraft username and press the green 'Submit your vote' button. Your vote will now be registered, and you will possibly receive an in-game reward for your vote (if a voting service is used by the server).

You may vote for 3 different servers every day. When voting, you agree to our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

Why can't I vote for a server?

On our server list, you are allowed to vote for up to 3 different servers every day. In case you've already reached this limit, you won't be able to vote again until after midnight (UTC time). The following messages will be show:

  • Daily vote limit reached: This means that you have already voted for 3 servers;

  • Already voted today: This means that you have already voted for the current server;

In case you are able to cast a vote but have either already voted for that particular server, or reached the daily vote limit, you will see an error message. This message will state the time remaining until you are able to vote again.

What are 'Active Servers'?

Active servers are servers which have been 'bumped' by a server owner or administrator. These servers will show up in the sidebar of all main lists for a period of time, until other bumped servers take its place. Any server can be bumped once every 12 hours. This feature was designed to allow any server to increase their visibility on our server list for free.

What does the 'X' in server versions mean?

The 'x' in game versions (e.g. 1.16.x) indicates that the server support every minor version (1.16.1, 1.16.2, 1.16.3, etc) of the release version. This means that, lets say you are currently using Minecraft version 1.16.2, you will be able to join any server that lists itself as supporting 1.16.x.

What does 'server uptime' mean?

The server uptime refers to the percentage of time the server has been online based on the status checks of our service. A high uptime, preferably close to or exactly 100%, is ideal for a smooth, uninterrupted, gaming experience.

Every server listed on our server list will be checked every 10 minutes, which will either result in an 'online' or 'offline' status, impacting the server uptime percentage. The server uptime percentage shown on server pages is based on the status checks of the past 14 days. For servers which haven't been registered for 14 days yet, the calculation will be slightly different.

We only take into account the past 14 days to make sure our visitors (potential players) will be shown accurate, up-to-date information. Aside from that, we also do this to give every server a fair chance to correct their uptime, in case their server was down for some time. The flip side of this is that, if your server is down for a day, the uptime will go down a lot as well.

Note that for servers hosted on the free services "Minehut" and "Aternos", the uptime is calculated over a period of 7 days instead of 14 days.

What are premium and featured servers?

Besides our free advertising features, we also offer premium advertising features for those who want to gain players fast. These premium features are designed to massively increase the visibility of servers on our server list, resulting in a higher IP copy count and click-through rate to the server page. The differences between Premium and Featured server are described down below.

  • Featured servers will receive the most traffic out of every other server listed on our server list. These servers will show at the top off the homepage and every filtered listing (e.g. game edition, tag/gamemode, version, country), as well as at the top of relevant search results. Besides this, featured servers will also receive all features included in the regular premium package. For more information, visit our premium page.

  • Premium servers will stand out more in our listings and unlock a lot of useful features, all aimed to boost the player count of these servers. These servers will be given a golden look, standing out between all other servers listed. The other premium features include: bumping every hour, entering the random server rotation (showing up on other server pages), showing social media buttons in the server listing, and lots more! For more information, visit our premium page.

Why can't I add my server?

In order to add your server to our server list, your submission must meet the following requirements:

  • Your server must be online and reachable by our service. Make sure the IP address and port are correct;

  • Another server with the same IP address, port and game edition must not already be registered.

  • The server banner(s) must meet the dimension, file size and file type requirements;

  • If you configured a voting service, a test vote will be sent out. This test vote must be delivered successfully;

If your submissions meets these requirements and your still are unable to add your server, please contact us.

Do you support cracked/offline mode servers?

Yes, we allow cracked/offline mode servers to be added to our server list, without any restrictions.

Please support the creators of Minecraft by buying the game instead of using a cracked launcher.

Do you support Aternos or Minehut servers?

Yes, we allow Aternos and Minehut servers to be added to our server list. Do note though that if an Aternos or Minehut server is offline, or does not have any players online, for 7 days straight, the server will be automatically removed from our service.

Do you support Hamachi servers?

No, we do not support Hamachi servers on our server list.

Why has my banner been removed?

Your server banner may be removed if it was found to be in violation of our Terms of Service, specifically section 'Uploading Content' and 'Server Contents and Information'. For example, server banners must not contain rapidly flashing images or inappropriate material.

Why has my server been removed?

Your server may be removed if it was found to be in violation of our Terms of Service or Terms of Sale.

If your server has been offline for a duration of 14 days, resulting in an uptime of 0%, the server will automatically be deactivated and hidden from our visitors. You can reactivate your server at any time on your dashboard. If your server is not manually reactivated within 90 days after being deactivated, your server will automatically be deleted from our service.

Note that for servers hosted on the free services "Minehut" and "Aternos", due to their nature, different conditions apply. If a Minehut or Aternos server is offline for more than 7 days, or if the server does not have any players online over a period of 7 days, the server will automatically be deleted.

Why have my server votes been reset?

To give every server a fair chance on gaining high rankings, we reset the voting count every 1st of the month (UTC, at midnight going into the 1st). If your server's vote count was reset on any other day than the 1st, it may be because we detected suspicious voting activity or your server was found to be in violation of our Terms of Service.

Why is the icon of my server not updating?

The icon (or favicon) of every Minecraft server which supports to use of such icons, will be updated once every 2 days. If you wish to update the icon of your server sooner, please use the manual 'ping' button found on your dashboard.

What are Votifier, NuVotifer and PocketVote?

Votifier, NuVotifier and PocketVote are services used by servers to receive notifications when players cast a vote on our server list. Servers use these notifications to reward players with in-game items or other rewards when voting for their server.

As a server owner, using any of these services is optional when submitting your server to our server list. However, servers which reward their players for voting will be more likely to receive more votes, resulting in a higher ranking on our service. For more information about these voting services, please visit their respective pages: Votifier, NuVotifier, PocketVote.

What is the difference between desktop and mobile banners?

When submitting your server, you can upload 2 different banners: a desktop and mobile banner. The difference between these 2 is explained below:

  • Desktop banners will only be visible on larger screens, used by computers, laptops and possibly tablets. These banners can be up to 750kb (or 1.5MB for premium servers) and must be in either GIF, WEBM, JPG/JPEG or PNG format. Compared to mobile banners, animated banners (in GIF and WEBM format) are allowed. If no desktop banner is uploaded, but a mobile banner is, the mobile banner will be shown instead.

  • Mobile banners will only be visible on smaller screens, primarily used by mobile phones (smaller than 768 pixels wide). These banners can only be up to 150kb (or 250kb for premium servers) and must be in either JPG/JPEG or PNG format. If no mobile banner is uploaded, a default banner will be shown for your server to visitors using smaller screens.

Summed up: 750kb (1.5MB premium) in GIF/WEBM/JPG/PNG format, compared to 150kb (250kb premium) in JPG/PNG format.

My question has not been answered.

If you could not find an answer for your question on this page, please contact us.

In case you are encountering a problem with our system, check out our live service status.