SaucerLandia Network

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IP Address
Ranking Not calculated yet
Status Offline Offline for 2 day(s).
1.7.10  -  1.18.x
SaucerLandia Network supports every Minecraft version, starting at version 1.7.10, up to version 1.18.x.
SaucerLandia Network has been online 79.13% of the time during the past 14 days.
Votes 0 19 all time.
Country Chile
Updated February 4, 2022
Server not claimed This server was uploaded from another source and has not yet been claimed by the server owner or administrator. If this is your server, login to your account to claim.


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Premium Server

Pure Vanilla 🍃 Logo
54 players
Java Edition
Version 1.20.x

What is the IP address of SaucerLandia Network?

Connect to the SaucerLandia Network using the IP address to join a community of 0 other players!

What gamemodes can be played on the SaucerLandia Network Minecraft server?

Explore a variety of game modes available on SaucerLandia Network, including Economy, Events, Jobs, PvP, SkyBlock and Survival.

Where can I vote for SaucerLandia Network?

Cast your vote for SaucerLandia Network on our dedicated voting page! Simply enter your username and submit your vote to show your support.
As a token of appreciation, you might receive in-game rewards on SaucerLandia Network upon voting.

What is the website for the SaucerLandia Network Minecraft server?

The website for SaucerLandia Network is

What is the Discord server for SaucerLandia Network?

Join the SaucerLandia Network Minecraft server's Discord community by clicking on the invite link:
Upon joining the Discord server, be sure to read their community guidelines and rules.