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1.2.x  -  1.20.x
Eat My Beast - All The Mods 9 supports every Minecraft version, starting at version 1.2.x, up to version 1.20.x.
Eat My Beast - All The Mods 9 has been online 100% of the time during the past 14 days.
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Country France
Updated August 7, 2023
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Welcome to "All the Mods 9," the enchanting realm of modded Minecraft! Embark on a thrilling journey in a world of boundless possibilities where innovation meets tradition. Originally a private pack for a select few, "All the Mods" has blossomed into a sought-after experience loved by many.

Our server embraces the essence of diversity, boasting a rich blend of both well-known classics and hidden gems, ensuring a gameplay that caters to all tastes. With a keen focus on stability, we are committed to providing an immersive and seamless adventure for all our players.

Within "All the Mods 9," we've carefully curated a selection of cutting-edge Complementary Shaders, complementing your Minecraft experience with stunning visuals and effects. Should any issues arise, we take full responsibility for incorporating them, ensuring your gaming experience remains top-notch.

Immerse yourself in a welcoming community of fellow adventurers, forging new friendships, and sharing in the excitement of this exceptional journey. Whether you're a seasoned Minecraft enthusiast or a curious newcomer, our server offers an adventure that will take your gaming experience to unprecedented depths.

Are you ready to embrace the allure of "All the Mods 9" and discover a world where creativity knows no bounds? Join us now and dive headfirst into a Minecraft experience like no other!

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