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Ranking #36of all Java Edition servers.
#40ranked globally.
Status Online Checked 6 minutes ago.
Players 0 / 60
1.9  -  1.19.3
Nowhere Land supports every Minecraft version, starting at version 1.9, up to version 1.19.3.
Nowhere Land has been online 100% of the time during the past 14 days.
Votes 5 19 all time.
Country Canada
Updated July 19, 2023
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Winston's World Server: A brand new western Towny frontier awaits you! Explore the unmarked paths of our world, with no access to coordinates or teleports. Use gold and other minerals as a physical currency to purchase resources. Build settlements, towns, cities, and nations with the Towny plugin. Pray to deities and sacrifice materials and mobs for their favor. Watch closely over your herds to prevent the spread of diseases. Travel to collect resources, or find a merchant who can, as some resources are more abundant only in specific places with our custom ore generation and biome-specific crop growth. But, be abundantly careful to watch your temperature and hydration as well! Avoid catching any of our custom-built ailments unless you know how to cure them. Winston's World is an unforgiving place; death on this server will leave you with a complete player reset and respawned in a random location across the entire map.

Warden Towny Server: Bring your friends, and prepare for adventure in this laidback fantasy Towny server! Land yourself in the developing elven town of Avalion's Crest, or venture out into the still vastly unexplored wilderness. Trade goods with other players, and make purchases with your collected copper ingots. Pray to your chosen deity, and receive items and perks from them in return. Build epic towns, and work to create something together. Come join the small "Warden Towny" community, and enjoy our newly released server worlds!

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