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Private Server Fun X-Life is a private/whitelisted server. Check the server description or social channels for ways to join the server.
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Updated October 10, 2022
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Fun X-Life is a whitelisted X-Life 2 server on version 1.15.2. To join, you will need to follow the discord link in order to play. We are a very chill community and currently have a couple of active players, though we are always looking for some more.


In order to play, you will need the X-Life 2 modpack by DAQEM found on CurseForge.


Please be aware that you must follow the following rules in order to stay on the server. Disobeying server staff and/or breaking rules can and will result in a ban.

- Swearing is allowed however don't take it too far.
- NO racism/racial slurs, sexism, or homophobia/homophobic slurs.
- Be friendly and don't start drama. We are trying to provide a chill environment.
- Don't argue with the moderators. If they say stop, you stop.
- No hunting down and killing players.


We hope to see you there!

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