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Ranking #25of all Java Edition servers.
#27ranked globally.
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1.2.x  -  1.20.x
Eat My Beast - All The Mods - Volcano Block supports every Minecraft version, starting at version 1.2.x, up to version 1.20.x.
Eat My Beast - All The Mods - Volcano Block has been online 100% of the time during the past 14 days.
Votes 16 112 all time.
Country France
Updated August 7, 2023
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Welcome to "All the Mods: Volcano Block" hosted by Eat My Beast!

This fiery and adventurous modpack combines the essence of 1.12 Volcano Block with the To the Sky series. Explore a customized world with Fireproof Boats and discover new structures in the fire-filled ocean.
Enjoy over 500 quests, multiple resource paths, and continuous updates to keep the experience fresh.

Join us now for a scorching Minecraft journey like no other on Eat My Beast's server!

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