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Hello and welcome to PixelModels!
We offer WorldWarSMP, which means that you can build a city in survival together with other players.
The goal is to make peace with the other cities, but if a war breaks out, it will be decided with nukes! (these were brought by us into the game and function as a total destruction weapon).
If someone drops a nuke on your city, you will see it in the form of sirens.
We work with custom texturepacks so don't be surprised if it takes a while to load when joining (nothing extreme is added to the game, no new ores weapons etc. it's normal Minecraft with nukes and later dungeons).

Why you should play with us:

There are so incredibly few normal survival servers with a few extras.
We just want that you can play normal, and if necessary start wars against others, we also don't want to protect you with towny or anything else, admins won't do anything if someone attacks you (except cheats which are not allowed)

It is so to say a ruleless server with just Minecraft and nukes in mind.

Why nukes?
It's a little experiment on what players would do with power.
It's interesting because griefing is allowed but to get there you have to put in quite a bit of work and build up a city.
You can attack and grief normally, but can you get through all the protection systems without a nuke?

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