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Ranking #134of all Java Edition servers.
#149ranked globally.
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Odielag.com 24/7 Dedicated SMP has been online 94.82% of the time during the past 14 days.
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Country United States
Updated August 3, 2022
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I just started a completely fresh server that nobody has played on. (fresh world) (anarchy server)

It has these features:
15 chunk view distance
no keepinventory (you drop things on death)
creeper explosions explode blocks
enderman can pick up blocks
there is no chest protection

It has these plugins:
AuctionHouse (type "/ah" to access it)
CoreProtect (just a preventative admin logging in case I need it)
Essentials (teleports and sethome)
GrimAC (anti-cheat. very effective)
Orebfuscator (anti-xray)
SpawnHome (spawn randomly in an area the size of the surface of the earth on your first connection)(and it sets your home there automatically)
TicketManager (you can make tickets to get my attention and report things)
TreeFeller (you can chop down a tree with one use of a tool on the tree)

I aim to make this server inclusive and fun.
Thanks for reading!

Discord Voice Server address: https://discord.gg/6nn7BU26tt

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