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Players 3 / 100
1.18.x  -  1.19.x
SemiVanilla MC - 1.19.2 Survival Community supports every Minecraft version, starting at version 1.18.x, up to version 1.19.x.
SemiVanilla MC - 1.19.2 Survival Community has been online 100% of the time during the past 14 days.
Votes 3 1,959 all time.
Country United States
Updated September 18, 2022
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SemiVanilla MC is your cross-platform 1.19.2 Minecraft survival community!

We are Minecraft players that built a place to call home, inspired by old-school servers, and offering a classic survival experience with some extra features.

We aren't focused on custom and unique features - our mission is to provide the highest quality classic semi-vanilla survival game possible. You won't find a cobbled together list of plugins here - each plugin was carefully chosen and balanced with the others; and if we can't make a plugin work exactly how we want it to - we write our own.

- RPG skills (by AureliumSkills)
- Death corpses
- Custom enchants
- Sleep Voting
- NO 1.19 chat reporting
- Land Protection
- Custom loot tables
- Online map

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